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Rotor Bike Components of Madrid have for years excelled in CNC machining, initially designing, prototyping and producing components for many other bike manufacturers.

Rotor Bike Components manufacture products that are engineered to make cycling faster, more efficient and more comfortable simultaneously. We achieve this through combining intelligent and truly innovative design with unmatched, in-house precision manufacturing. Our Goal: To make your cycling experience more enjoyable; to allow you to ride your bike faster and further with less fatigue and aches and, ultimately, to make sure you get more pleasure and enjoyment from your rides.

Rotor supports the following major teams.
Garmin Cervelo: 3D+ BB30mm Cranks and Qrings
Saur sojasun: Qrings

Two of the above are riding Rotors new 30mm Axle on the 3D+ cranks. These cranks along with the new BSA30mm adaptor mean they can be fitted to virtually any bicycle on the market, offering an upgrade to new lightweight tech for older non BB30 bikes. Qrings work with 11speed road drives and 10spd mtb.

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New Rotor Power Cranks
Christoph Sauser UCI MX Victory
Johan Van Summeren - Parix Roubaix Victory